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Marius Ballot - Creative developer

Hello there.
I am Marius Ballot, a young front-end web student amazed by art and technology.

I have always been fascinated with the concept of creativity and finding new ways to express myself.
One day, I discovered the world of programming with Processing. The whole concept of creating things that you "control" through random values with only a text editor blew my mind . Then came front-end developement and a love for 3D grew inside me. That’s how I discovered WebGl with three.js.

Apart from code, I love to play with editing and motion design softwares like Premier Pro and After Effects and especially Cinema 4D. I have done severals "daily renders" weeks. You can follow me on Instagram to keep track of my latest pieces.


In here, you can find websites, web experiments, videos and much more !
If you have any questions about those things, do not hesitate to contact me in the Get in touch section.


I create something everyday. That's how I think I'll be able to evolve. And sometimes, I like to share my creations on Instagram.


This is my Show reel. A compilation of my recent works, experiments and motion design renders. You’ll find stuff that uses three.js, P5.JS, Cinema 4d and much more .