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Marius Ballot - Creative developer

Hello there.
I am Marius Ballot, a young front-end web student amazed by art and technology.

I have always been fascinated with the concept of creativity and finding new ways to express myself.
One day, I discovered the world of programming with Processing. The whole concept of creating things that you "control" through random values with only a text editor blew my mind . Then came front-end developement and a love for 3D grew inside me. That’s how I discovered WebGl with three.js.

Apart from code, I love to play with editing and motion design softwares like Premier Pro and After Effects and especially Cinema 4D. I have done severals "daily renders" weeks. You can follow me on Instagram to keep track of my latest pieces.


I create something everyday. That's how I think I'll be able to evolve. And sometimes, I like to share my creations on Instagram.


This is my Show reel. A compilation of my recent works, experiments and motion design renders. You’ll find stuff that uses three.js, P5.JS, Cinema 4d and much more .